HELLA 6PU 009 110-541 Pulse Transmitter, Crankshaft - 12 V - 3-Pin - Cable: 725 mm

$ 56.45

Suitable for BMW 3 (E36) (please check exact vehicle allocation)
For manufacturer: Bosch
Inductive sensor
High measuring precision in a wide ambient temperature spectrum
Low maintenance and downtime due to high quality
Wide product range
Meets OEM specification

This Hellla product has been manufactured to the highest standards and fits the following vehicle applications: - BMW 5 (E34); - BMW 5 Touring (E34); - BMW 3 Convertible (E36); - BMW 3 (E36); - BMW 3 Coupe (E36). Electronics in vehicles has increased continuously in recent years. A development in which Hella has long played a special role in the field of automotive original equipment as an innovation leader. The free parts market also benefits from this many years of original equipment expertise – because Hella successfully transfers its comprehensive OE know-how to this area and makes optimal use of the existing expert knowledge in this way. Speed sensors such as the camshaft or crankshaft sensor are required to map the engine speed and the exact position of the crankshaft. The control unit uses these values to calculate the injection and ignition pulses. Hella offers a leading program coverage for almost any application in top quality.

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