Sonax 208300 Profiline Nano Polish 03-06, 33.8 fl. oz. , Black

by Sonax
$ 48.95

REMOVES PAINT DEFECTS - Sonax Nano Polish 03/06 performs light correcting on the front end, and finishes out to a near perfect on the back end, Diminishing abrasive technology allows you to cut light scratches as a compound while finishing as a polish for a near mirror-like finish on the vehicle's paintwork
HIGH GLOSS FINISH - The water based and silicone free polishing formula leaves an OEM high gloss paint finish with a hologram-free paint surface on your car, truck, or any other motorized vehicle
PERFECT PAINT - Nano Polish 03/06 is a great final step in the polishing process, it will help you remove 5% of imperfections to get your paint as perfect as possible
Removes sanding marks of P2500 grit or finer, Recommend applying with a DA polisher or Sonax Yellow Pad (not included) if you are doing slight correcting, if using as a third step or finishing polish use Sonax Black Pad (not included) which is designed to make buffing and polishing easy
Due to the water based formula, there is little to no dusting during the polishing process, Our dust-free formula makes the entire process easier from start to finish-saving time in both the polishing and clean-up process

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