California Car Duster Detailing Combo with Plastic Handle and Green Mop 62455

$ 34.95
  • Popular detailing combo featuring a standard size California Car Duster and compact Mini Duster
  • Use the plastic handle car duster to remove light daily dust from your car, truck or suv.
  • Wax treated cotton mop quickly and easily removes dust without scratching
  • Extends time between car washes leaving your vehicle looking freshly detailed
  • Compact Mini Duster is excellent for cleaning and detailing your vehicle's interior, dashboard or center console
  • Mini Duster also works great around the house on wood furniture, molding and shelving
  • Unique car dust cleaner green mop and white handle color combination

The original california car duster 62455 detailing combo kit includes a classic California Car Duster with plastic handle and green mop, plus a handy matching Dash Duster. Use the car duster to dust your vehicle's exterior, while the dash duster will tackle interior dust on your dash, center console and door panels. The wax treated mop quickly and easily lifts light daily dust. It will help your vehicle maintain a freshly washed appearance.

The 62455 original california car detailing combo kit features a high-quality green California Car Duster with a plastic handle, designed to effectively remove dust from your vehicle's exterior. This car duster is wax treated, ensuring a gentle and efficient cleaning process. Additionally, the kit includes a matching Dash Duster, perfect for tackling interior dust on your dash, center console, and door panels. With this combo kit, you can easily maintain a freshly washed appearance for your vehicle. Invest in the best car duster for optimal cleaning results. The 62455 detailing combo kit is the perfect solution for keeping your vehicle looking clean and dust-free.

The California Car Duster features a wax treated cotton mop that quickly and easily lifts light daily dust from your vehicle. Applying only light pressure, gently sweep the California Car Duster across your painted and glass surfaces. The dust particles are trapped in the mop and removed leaving a clean surface behind. Simply shake out the car duster in between uses and store it in its storage bag to prolong the life of your car dust remover.

The California Car Duster Combo in Green!

Our popular California Car Duster is now available in green, exclusively online. The kit includes a standard size car duster and handy mini duster with one storage bag.

Your Detailing Dynamic Duo!

Use this car dust mop to maintain your vehicle's interior and exterior in between car washes. The california duster for car lifts light daily dust to give your vehicle a freshly washed appearance.

Size Matters!

Use the standard size car duster to clean and maintain your car, truck or SUV. It is the ideal size for most passenger cars and trucks making it the best duster for car.

The Mini Duster is compact and handy. Use it to clean your dashboard, center console, gauge cluster and more.

Exterior and Interior

Maintain both your vehicle's exterior and interior with this car duster combo, PERFECT for car duster exterior

Quick and Easy to Use

The car duster is designed to lift and remove light daily dust from your vehicle. It is simple and easy to use.

Your Interior Gets Dusty Too!

Use the California Mini Duster to lift and remove pesky dust from your dashboard and center console. The slim design and elongated handle makes it easy to dust in crevices and narrow spaces along the dash and gauge cluster.

The Original and Still the Best

The California Car Duster has been around since 1989. It is proven to be one of the best detailing products to maintain your vehicle in between washes for over 30 years.

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