Connolly Leather Care Kit, Hide Care + Leather Cleaner

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Connolly Hide Food Care Leather Conditioner & Restorer PH Balanced Natural Oils


Connolly Hide Care Leather Conditioner is a premium source of rich leather conditioners that is essential to top quality leather care. This pH balanced conditioner utilizes natural oils to keep your leather durable yet supple. Connolly boasts a rich history of leather care that dates back to 1878 and includes major manufacturers like Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, etc. Connolly's extensive background in the leather care industry has made them a popular choice around the world for car collectors, professional detailers and auto enthusiasts. Neglected leather will eventually dry out, become brittle and flake away so set up a regular leather care routine. Nourish your leather by first cleaning it and then conditioning it with the Connolly Hide Care Leather Conditioner. With a regular routine and top quality products from Connolly you'll be sure to keep your leather looking great for years to come.



  • Outstanding leather conditioner.
  • Keeps leather soft yet durable so it can look great for years to come.
  • Connolly started producing premium leather care products in 1878.

Connolly Premium Leather Cleaner for Auto Interior Home Furniture and Saddles


The Connolly Concentrated Leather Cleaner is premium leather cleaning formula that is both safe and highly effective on automotive leather. When you need a fast acting cleaner that is going to release contaminants trapped beneath the surface and on top of the surface this is the product for you. It's timeless product from Connolly which has been caring for some of the finest automotive leather in the world since 1878. It's been used by Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, etc. therefore you know it gets the approval of some of the most distinguished customers. To maximize the value of this concentrated formula dilute it down 12:1 (water to cleaner) in a bottle or a tray. For best results follow up with the Connolly Hide Care Leather Conditioner, which is perfect for both brand new and old leather. Try the Connolly Leather Cleaner today and you will be sure to love the results like many of their customers over the last 130 years. Size: 16.9 oz



  • Quickly removes dirt and oil
  • Perfect for equestrian leather and horse saddles
  • Mix the highly concentrated formula with water
  • Perfect for auto interior or home furniture
  • Does not leave a greasy mess

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