Digital Auto-darkening Welding Cartridge Lens Replacement Fits Miller Elite

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Digital Auto-Darkening Welding Replacement Filter Lens fits Miller Elite models.

  • The Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Filter Lens with solar powered with battery assist built to demanding specifications, and packed with adjustability.
  • The lens has grind mode, shade 5-8/9-13 control, internal sensitivity and delay controls.
  • The lens dimension (114mm x 133mm x 10mm/5.24" x 4.5" x 0.39") fits Miller Digital Elite and most of selective models.
  • The auto-darkening lens is a digital advanced welding lens. Customers looking for the latest in auto-darkening technology now have a variety of options for the replacements. It fits variety helmets in the industry including Miller brand.
  • The item offers the flexibility of digital technology with the stability of analog to make the smartest auto-darkening filter on the market.
  • The item can sense the most precise welding applications, such as plasma arc and extreme Low Amp Tig.
  • Variable shade 9-13 Sensitivity adjustment Delay adjustment Clear state shade of viewing area Replaceable lithium batteries Low battery indicator Standard size outer cover plate Versatile cartridge fits most vertical windows with spec measurement below.

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