Flitz Ceramic Spray Sealant and Paint Protectant: Shine, Seal Clear Coat

by Flitz
$ 25.95

Flits hydrophobic sealant with silky oil emulsions is great for protecting against salt, UV ray, water stains, bugs, bird droppings, yellow headlights and much more. In addition, this sealant is safe on all metals, fiberglass, clear coats, all paints, plastics, granite, glass, marble, Corian, quartz and all man-made hard surfaces. Some of the product features and benefits are protects for up to 8 months, covers 1, 100 spare feet (up to three full sized trucks), no swirls, water based, store at room temperature (do not freeze) and body shop safe (no silicone). For best results please apply a second coat after 48 hours. Note THIS IS NOT A WAX.

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