HELLA 6PR 013 680-131 Sensor, Engine Oil Level - 3-Pin - with Seal

$ 92.95

This Hellla product has been manufactured to the highest standards and fits the following vehicle applications: - BMW 5 Gran Turismo (F07); - BMW 4 Gran Coupe (F36); - BMW 4 Convertible (F33, F83); - BMW 1 Sports Hatch (F20); - BMW 1 Sports Hatch (F21); - BMW X3 (F25); - BMW X4 (F25); 6); - BMW 2); BMW Coupe (F22, F87); BMW 3 (F30, F80); BMW 3 Touring (F31); BMW 3 Gran Turismo (F34); BMW 4 Coupe (F32, F82); BMW 2 Convertible (F23); BMW X5 (F15, F85); BMW 5 Touring (F11); BMW 5 (F11). 10). Electronics in vehicles has increased continuously in recent years. A development in which Hella has long played a special role in the field of automotive original equipment as an innovation leader. The free parts market also benefits from this many years of original equipment expertise – because Hella successfully transfers its comprehensive OE know-how to this area and makes optimal use of the existing expert knowledge in this way. The Hella oil level sensor reliably continuously measures the level of the most important operating fluid of an internal combustion engine - the oil. In addition to the level sensor, there is a temperature sensor, as well as the sensor electronics to transmit the values to the engine control unit. Timely reporting a dropped oil level to the driver can prevent costly engine damage. The level sensor is also suitable for the reliable measurement of other operating materials such as coolant or washing water of the windscreen washer system.

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