Sonax 223300 Polymer Net Shield, 11.5 fl. oz.

by Sonax
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$ 27.89

PROTECT YOUR PAINT - Sonax Polymer Net Shield protects your vehicle's paint surface with a quick and easy to apply bodywork sealant giving your vehicle UV protection and an anti-static finish
WAX FREE HYBRID PROTECTION - Organic and inorganic sealing polymer components provide durable wax free hybrid protection on your vehicle for up to 6 months, even in harsh weather conditions
HYDROPHOBIC FORMULA - Water repellent hydrophobic paint detailer formula beads and sheds water, dust, dirt and grime more effectively than a ceramic coating, making cleaning and washing easier and faster
RESTORE COLOR AND SHINE - Restores paint colors to original OEM polish and shine for a showroom mirror like finish on your car or truck
One 11.5 oz can treats 4-6 vehicles, safe for trim and plastic components

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