Sonax (257400) Ceramic Spray Coating 750ml White

by Sonax
$ 28.95

INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY - Si-Carbon Technology lays down a durable carbon layer that bonds to the paint, then lays a thin layer of silicone over the top to give you a just waxed look and feel, creates a durable mirror-like shine
LONGEVITY AND DURABILITY - Treatment lasts up to 6 months and protects all treated surfaces from dirt, insects, road grime, salt, and harmful UV rays
SAFE TO USE on any hard surface; such as paint, plastics, chrome, moldings, and wheels, Versatile ceramic coating is as easy as spray on and wipe off, leaving a streak free and professional look
REJUVENATOR - Ceramic Spray Coating can be used as a refresher for other ceramic products, this product increases longevity of other existing sealants or coatings that may already be on your vehicles surface
DO IT YOURSELF COATING - This "Do It Yourself" coating will give you the impression that the coating was professionally done, only you will know that it was as easy as spray on and wipe off

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