Sonax (283241) Dashboard Cleaner - 16.9 oz. , White

by Sonax
$ 19.85

Sonax Dashboard Cleaner Matte Finish cleans, protects, and maintains all plastic, wood and dashboard surfaces in vehicle interiors, keeping them looking newer for longer
Silicone and solvent free detailer formula is safe for your car's dashboards, instrument panels, door linings, rubber, plastic, vinyl and other interior plastic parts. *Not for use on leather, glass, or hot surfaces
Quick and easy application that gently renews and maintains original OEM matte finish appearance with no greasy, oily or slick residues
Prevents electro-static charges, leaving your car or truck with dust repellent interior surface for less cleaning
Removes automotive dust, dirt, grime and oils, leaving only a fresh pleasant scent

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