SONAX Profiline Leather Care, Professional Conditioner 1 Liter (33.8 fl. oz.)

by Sonax
$ 49.95

RESTORES your leather's original subtle shine, intensive color and natural smoothness leaving your vehicle's leather with a smooth and grease-free OEM finish
PROTECTS AGAINST HARSH UV rays and color fading from sunlight exposure - Anti-cracking additives and antioxidants stop the leather's normal wear process due to ageing
ADVANCED FORMULA has hydrophobic properties that prevent water and other spills from soaking in or staining leather while also forming a protective barrier against spills, dirt, water, and other elements that damage leather
HELPS MAINTAIN the life of your leather with moisturizing ingredients that nourish your leather, maintain the permeability and increase the life
EASY TO USE formula applies with a microfiber applicator, spreading evenly over the leather surface you want to protect then simply buff away

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