Sonax Ultimate Cut, 250ml, White -239141

by Sonax
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$ 25.00

PROFESSIONAL CUTTING COMPOUND: Sonax Ultimate Cut removes marks of P1000 grit or finer, including paint defects, scratches, dust inclusions, and severely scratched or oxidized paint work without damaging the clear coat
MEDIUM GLOSS FINISH: Polishing formula leaves a medium gloss OEM paint finish with minimal hologram paint surface
SILICONE and DUST FREE: Water-based formula will not dry out like other compounds, contains no solvents, silicones or petroleum and creates no dust during the compounding process so polishing pads stay clean longer
VERSATILE: One of the most flexible compound / polishes available in the market that works beautifully on all clear coats and paint finishes
SAVES TIME: The single step process makes paint corrections far less labor intensive and time consuming than traditional claying and compounding. Recommend applying with a rotary polisher and a Sonax 6-inch orange polishing pad (sold separately)

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