Wedge-It - The Ultimate Door Stop - Bright Yellow (10 Pack)

$ 79.95
Wedge-It was designed by a Fireman to hold self-closing doors open during a fire or emergency. It is also used today by Police, Bomb Squads S.W.A. T, Fire Departments, Ambulance Personnel, Moving & Delivery, Hotel Bellhops and Housekeeping. One big advantage of the Wedge-It over a standard door wedge is that the door can swing further open, but will always stay open 90 degrees when the door swings back. A standard door wedge gets in the way and is either kicked away or does not hold the door when the door swings back. The Wedge-It will work from any of 3 different locations on the door - TOP, OVER THE HINGE or ON THE FLOOR. Order several at the same time to save on shipping. **As a matter of caution and as noted above, the Wedge-It was designed by a fireman for use by police, fire and emergency services. If using the Wedge-It on a standard door hinge, closing the door completely while the Wedge-It is installed, could cause the hinge to be pulled off.**

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