Zymol HD-Cleanse 8.5 oz

by Zymol
$ 34.95
Zymöl HD-Cleanse is the most important step to protecting your car's finish by removing any dead, oxidized paint before waxing. Considered the Zymöl 'Magic', HD-Cleanse removes light oxidization, moderate scratches, accumulated road film, tar, acid rain deposits, renewing your original paint luster. Other paint cleaners and polishes rely on strong chemicals and harsh abrasives. HD- Cleanse uses safe osmosis to lift paint impurities and natural micro-fine polishing agents to correct and seal your paint.
  • Naturally Derived Product that is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !
  • Created with a thick mixture of Cocoa Butter Oil, Apricot and Almond meal.
  • Pure Coconut, Cocoa Pod, Apricot Kernel, Lemon Seed and Montan Oils.
  • Be sure to Wax or Glaze your surface when you have completed the HD-Cleanse process.
  • You must use HD-Cleanse if you want your Zymol Wax or Glaze to bond. Technical support: zymoltech@zymol.com

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